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Excellent headphones. Great battery and sound

HD 569

My boyfriend loves them and I love the noise cancelling factor!! Makes sleeping at night with him playing games 10x easier

HD 560S

Good sound quality, extremely light and pretty durable for home use.

I wanted to return the product

my headphones has white noise, knocking, hisssing and popping in the left cup so I returned it. good sound quality but bad anc

Great product, no customer support

HD 600

I really like these headphones. I had a pair years ago that went missing in a move. Since then I have tried out various other brands, both wired and Bluetooth, but haven't found the same sound reproduction. Getting these again is like getting reacquainted with an old friend.

It’s very nice classy copper finish and it sounds awesome

Brought back my Momentum 2 to almost new condition! Noticed impact on sound quality - pads are a crucial component of headphones.

excellent sound. love the touch on them when i’m running. very easy to use and i like how both sides have functions and picking up a call is the same function for both sides. very easy. fits perfectly in my ear. very secure. my deduction of star is because of volume. however, maybe it’s safer for me since i’d rather not go deaf later on in life lol

Works perfectly

My only reason to take one star off is that it doesn’t connect very well on computers but everything else is great !!

IE 200

Stock tips are awful, leading to bad seals/bad sound/discomfort.
Replaced tips with some 3rd party foam tips, and am now pretty impressed. They sound better than my HD6XX headset, especially in the treble - but definitely lacking in soundstage and bass.

The sound quality of these headphones is exceptional, particularly for electronic music. The bass is robust and enriching, enhancing my listening experience. In terms of comfort, they fit perfectly, making extended use effortless and enjoyable.

One feature I find incredibly useful is the multi-connect Bluetooth capability. As a student, I frequently switch between my phone, laptop, and iMac. This seamless connectivity is a standout feature for me, facilitating my multitasking needs efficiently.

The battery life is another remarkable aspect. It handles a diverse daily routine of loud music, phone calls, and listening to lectures without faltering. Impressively, the battery lasted almost a week on a single charge, and when it was time to recharge, the process was remarkably quick.

I was aware of technical issues mentioned in other reviews, but my experience has been flawless. It seems possible that these issues have been addressed in the software update. I use all apple products.

I bought this for my husband’s birthday on 12th December so he doesn’t have it yet. He has got another pair that he loves so I am 100% sure he will love this pair just as much as


After buying 3 generic cords and they didn't work, I finally found the right cord. I love having my earphones work properly again


It’s the genuine thing!

Love them, great deal.

Upgraded sound.

Weird noises in left ear after 2 months

IE 900

Best quality sound as expected. Only downside is that the device hurts my ear when I wear it for more than 2 hrs. (Physical contact site. Not the eardrum)

HD 560S

Very nice

Great service, recieved cable in a couple days.

amazing sound quality and long enough battery. best headphones I've ever bought for the best price as it was on sale.

Product works as intended. Note that when installing, ensure that the plastic layer beneath the old pads is removed as it can prevent the new ones from clipping into place. If the plastic gets stuck, simply pry it off with a small lever (I used a metal tweezer.)