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HD 5X8 and HD 5X9 Cable 1.2m, dia 3mm

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Article number: 572274

Cable 1.2m, dia 3mm
The cable is suitable for the following models: 559, HD 569, HD 579, HD 599, HD 598, HD 518 and HD 558.

Customer Reviews

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Kabel passt perfekt für HD 599 SE

Top, ist mackenlos. Hält auch so ca. 2-3 Jahre was ist viel besser als On-Ear-Kopfhörer

Perfect fit!

This cable is perfect when you need a shorter lenght of cable (1.1 meter) + a 3.5 mm plug (the original cable is about 3.2 meter long + has a 6.35 mm - 1/4 plug...but do come with adapter 6.35 to 3.5 mm...). This new short cable is perfect on the go and to plug into your phone or a portable DAC and also perfect for desktop work as the perfect lenght. I cannot comment for the sonic quality of the cable itself as I do not have a top quality cable to compare it to (like a Moon Audio cable)...but connected to a Sennheiser HD 560S + IFI GO LINK DAC + IFI ZEN AIR CAN (amplifier) it sound amazing! Note on the HD 560S: they sound great connected to anything but being a 120 Ohms impedance headphones it is best to have a good headphones amplifier to drive them and reach their full potential (Ifi ZEN AIR CAN has 1.200mW/32 ohms)...and then they deliver! They really come alive with more power and they sound amazing...especially for the price! (check deals online: they are now way cheaper than the $/€ 200 MSRP...). This shorter cable is very good and very practical compared to the 3.2 meters one! And being made by Sennheiser it connects perfectly to the HD 560S. Enjoy!

Very good headphone cable

Very good quality headphone cable. I recommend it to others.

Cameron Zelaya
Good Quick Service

Works like a charm! Customer service was vey helpful in finding the right cable for me. Shipping was quicker than expected.


Perfect length for phone and PC listening.