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HD 4.20S/4.30I/G/350BT EARPADS

HD 4.20S/4.30I/G/350BT EARPADS

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Article number: 507203

Earpads for HD 4.20S/4.30I/G/4.40/350BT

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Solis

The replace earpads came vey quickly. Only issue I had was trying to put them on the headphones, but that no link to the quality product.

Alan S
need a fitter.

Sennheiser?? NO instructions on how to fit. NO advice on where to get assistance. Fortunately, good old 'You Tube' to the rescue a couple of demonstrations from users showed how to fit. Fiddly to do but patience is a virtue!!! Good to have quality sound again. Comfortable as ever. Delivery took a bit longer than expected but when you see the journey they took!!!! Overall 'Happy Bunny'

Flexi Fingers
Not that easy to put on

Very tight fit, needed stretching and flexible fingers to attach. Thought at first we had wrong size but eventually succeeded

Ole-Morten Täge

A little tricky to replace the old ones with the new ones, but all in all, very good to have the option to buy replacement parts for such things as earpads. Well played

Joshua Grundmann

Delivery as expected, they look a little less deep than my old ones but that could just be what happens as they get older. Overall they still do exactly what they are meant to do so that's good.