2 years international warranty
30 days free return

Returns and Cancellations Policy


This Returns Policy applies to all customers. This policy does not apply to faulty or personalized Merchandise.
It is in addition to, and does not affect, the separate legal right of cancellation which is available only to EEA Consumers in
some circumstances as explained above.
This Return Policy requires that:
• the Merchandise must be returned in a new and unused state, in perfect condition, with all protective or other
materials in place and tags and stickers attached to them (if applicable), as well as with the original box / container,
including all accessories and documents.
• All returns could be subject to strict quality control by Global-e or the retailer to ensure that the returned products
satisfy these requirements. If the products do not meet such standards, the return could be refused, and the products
will be returned to you (at your own cost).
Failure to comply with these Terms could give rise to refusal to accept the returned product and send it back to you, at your
own cost.

Unless otherwise is clearly instructed, in order to return Merchandise, you must request from us a return merchandise
authorization ("RMA") within 14 days if you are based in the European Union or if you are based in the rest of the world,
within 30 days, from the date the Order was placed and ship the return Merchandise promptly upon receipt of the RMA.
Title and risk to the returned Merchandise will not be taken back or assumed until it physically arrives back to the returns
From time to time, in select territories, the transportation costs of returning the goods may be covered on your behalf (“prepaid”). Such coverage (or the absence of it), will be indicated clearly on the Website before Checkout.

Return Procedure
• If you wish to return Merchandise pursuant to these Terms, you must first contact Global-e through the help center
portal available here (https://www.service.global-e.com) in order to obtain an RMA.
• You will then need to follow the instructions concerning return shipment, including an RMA number which you must
include in the return package.
• Upon receipt of the returned Merchandise and confirmation that it has been returned in accordance with the applicable
requirements, you will be reimbursed for the actual paid price of the returned Merchandise and such other fees, if
applicable pursuant to these Terms.
If you have paid Import Charges in connection with your Order (either pre-paid at Checkout or paid upon receipt of the Order
directly to the applicable authority), you acknowledge that (a) you must seek reimbursement directly from the applicable
authority in your destination, (b) it will be your sole responsibility to claim such Import Charges back from the applicable
authority in your destination, and c) Global-e cannot guarantee that such claim will be successful. If you have pre-paid Import
Charges, upon your written request Global-e may exert appropriate efforts to assist you in obtaining reimbursement of such
Import Charges, and for such purpose you hereby give Global-e a power of attorney to act in your name to try and obtain
such reimbursement (however this power of attorney is a guarantee that such reimbursement will be successful).
Any initial Delivery Costs paid by you in connection with the Order are reimbursable or refundable. However, any delivery
and clearance costs incurred by you when returning Merchandise may not be eligible for reimbursement or refund other
than in the event of defective Merchandise where you will be reimbursed for the cost of any delivery costs.
Return deliveries are at your risk and we therefore advise you to use a courier service offering a tracking number, and to
take out adequate insurance to cover the cost of the goods in transit.

If any Merchandise you order is damaged or faulty when delivered to you or has developed a fault, you may have one or
more legal remedies available to you, depending on when you make us aware of the problem, in accordance with your legal
rights. If you believe Merchandise was delivered damaged or faulty or has developed a fault, you should inform us assoon as
possible, preferably in writing, giving your name, address and order reference. Nothing in this section affects your legal rights.
For Merchandise shipped internationally, please note that the warranty may not be valid in the destination, or you may have
only limited warranty valid in the destination. If warranty is valid and not limited and if you reside in the EEA and you
purchased your Merchandise in the EEA, the warranty period is two (2) years from the date of purchase. Consumersin some
jurisdictions may have legal rights under applicable national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods, including,
without limitation, national laws implementing EU directive 99/44. These rights are not affected by this limited warranty.


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