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HD 600 – Engineered for absolute clarity, the HD 600 is the professional’s choice for reference playback. An instrument of Sennheiser’s passion for perfect sound, it is globally recognized as the standard for analytical listening in both technical and hi-fi applications—even 20-plus years after its release.

Key Features

  • Computer-based transducer optimization minimizes harmonic and intermodulation distortion
  • Acoustically transparent open-back earcups
  • Exclusive 42 mm driver and 38 mm diaphragm
  • Specialized acoustic silk controls airflow
  • Ultralight aluminum voice coils ensure excellent transient response
  • Detachable OFC copper cable
  • Impedance: 300 ohms
  • Frequency response: 12 – 40,500 Hz
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%

X-Ray Specs

The HD 600 was developed to give engineers and audiophiles an impartial scale of everything before it in the audio chain. Purpose-built to vanish when the listener presses “play”, the HD 600 is the benchmark reference headphone for evaluating, mixes, masters, and even other audio components. This disappearing act starts with an innovative, systematic approach to sound reproduction using transparency as the driving principle. Leveraging Sennheiser’s progressive production techniques and computer-based transducer optimization, it perfectly fuses the art of sound with the science of it.

Opening Up Your Mind

The foundation of the HD 600 transducer system is an acoustically transparent open-back earcup that lets every single sound wave expand freely—a Sennheiser innovation pioneered and perfected for the most natural personal listening experience. Sound emanating from our exclusive 42mm driver is free from turbulence and distortion thanks to a specialized acoustic silk that controls airflow—one of the finest materials available for this task—while requiring hand assembly. By using ultralight aluminum voice coils, the 38mm diaphragm exhibits rapid rest and response times for clinical detail that never sounds harsh or hyped. Across the entire audible spectrum of sound, this combination of driver size and integrity delivers an articulate response that is honest to the source—the kind of listening experience required to absorb the details with confidence. The 300-ohm impedance of the HD 600 presents a unified backdrop that allows the nuances in your projects to leap forward like you have never heard before. Each transducer is measured against rigid standards for consistent performance across the entire frequency spectrum in both channels. By reducing variances between left and right channels, the headphone reproduces mastering-grade sound independent of room acoustics or loudspeaker positioning.

Quality Control

We worked tirelessly to build a headphone with the luxurious comfort and lasting durability studio professionals demand. The velour HD 600 padding is supple to the touch for extended listening at your DAW or hi-fi stack. Even the earcup grille pattern was crafted specifically for this transducer system, guaranteeing a pristine personal sound experience. The HD 600 is assembled in Ireland at a state-of-the-art production facility with the attention to detail required to handle a wide variety of acoustic materials. Our production tolerances are extremely tight, ensuring that your HD 600 experience is consistent with those all over the globe, whenever or wherever it was purchased. For example, the resonators feature stainless steel mesh to guarantee uniform performance after manufacturing. Most parts on the HD 600 are modular, making it a dream to keep operational as the go-to reference monitor regardless of your listening space’s acoustics.

It’s All About Connection

Your HD 600 comes with a detachable, impedance-matched cable with ultra-low capacitance. The ¼-inch / 6.3mm stereo connector offers the audiophile-standard plug for connection to devices such as audio interfaces, headphone amplifiers and A/V receivers, digital audio players, analog gear, and more. At 9.8 feet / 3m long, it offers unencumbered listening on gear deep within your shelves, studio, or desktop. A premium adapter is included to reduce the 6.3mm to 3.5mm / ⅛-inch for plugging into countless other audio devices.


Wearing style Headband
Color steel blue
Frequency response (Headphones) 12 - 40500 Hz
Sound pressure level (SPL) 97dB
THD, total harmonic distortion 0,1 %
Contact pressure 6.0 N ± 1 N
Ear coupling circumaural
Connector 3,5 mm stereo jack plug
Adapter 3,5 mm stereo jack plug to 1/4* (6.35mm) stereo jack plug
Cable length 3 m
Transducer principle dynamic, open
Nominal impedance 300 Ω
Weight w/o cable 260 g

What's in the Box

  • 1 HD 600
  • 1 adaptor to 1/4" (6.3 mm) stereo jack plug

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews


Shane Taylor
Love my new HD 600s

My new HD 600s are my first open-back headphones, having used the closed-back HD 380 Pros for many years. The 380s have great detail, nice bass, and flat response, and I still love them, but wanted a pair of open-backs too.

So far, the 600s appear to have a similarly flat response, excellent bass, and have been a complete joy to wear for long periods. I found my ears tiring after a while with the closed-back 380s, but the 600's allow my ears to breath, allowing for longer listening sessions without fatigue. I use them only in my studio, so leakage isn't an issue for me. I almost opted for the HD 650's, but the 600's are tried and true and still fetch a high price, so Sennheiser obviously did something right with these. I'd highly recommend them to anyone needing a realistic representation of their sound, with added comfort.

To be honest, I didn't know what I'd think about the straight cable, though, having had the HD 380's coiled cable for so long. The cable on the 600 appears durable, but is supple and soft to the touch, not stiff, and I've found that I actually like it better than the coiled cable, which tended to pull on me (and it is heavy). So for you coiled-cable users out there, don't let that deter you. I've adjusted quite nicely, and actually think I prefer it now, even the double sided connections, vs the single side on the 380s.

Alain Audet
Great headphone

great service from Sennheiser


A definite must-have for every audio enthousiast. The perfect reference headphone to set a benchmark for the rest of your collection.

Roy S.

The best headset I've ever used, both sound wise and comfort wise, I have full intention when the pair I have now break to by another pair