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HD 660 S
HD 660 S
HD 660 S
HD 660 S
HD 660 S
HD 660 S

HD 660 S

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Article number: 508826

The new HD 660 S lets you enjoy sophisticated audiophile sound in even more listening situations. The successor of the legendary HD 650 excels with the improved performance of its new transducer design. Thanks to its lower impedance, it delivers reference-class sound also when connected to hi-res mobile players, thus offering much greater versatility. The HD 660 S is an elegantly designed piece of high-quality engineering that indulges the demanding listener with aural precision and great wearing comfort.


Sennheiser’s new HD 660S is the ideal open, dynamic headphone for the passionate audiophile.

Sound for the passionate music enthusiast

Made for the demanding listener, the HD 660 S surpasses the exceptional performance of its predecessor, the legendary HD 650. With a crisp bass, excellent mid-frequency response, and a gentle, pleasantly natural treble, the HD 660 S has an expressiveness that immerses you in every emotion and nuance of music. Still, it always stays exceptionally accurate and transparent.

Cutting-edge Sennheiser technology

The HD 660 S features a new transducer design developed by Sennheiser. This results in improved control of the diaphragm movements thanks to a specially manufactured precision stainless steel fabric, which is adapted to the contour of the diaphragm. Extremely light aluminum voice coils ensure the highest impulse fidelity. The transducers are carefully selected and paired by hand to ensure consistently narrow (±1 dB) tolerances.

Supreme connectivity

The HD 660 S has been created to enjoy music in supreme quality and from many different audio sources. Thanks to its low impedance it also offers reference-class fidelity with hi-res mobile players. Naturally, the HD 660 S reveals its full potential when it is connected to the balanced outputs of a dedicated headphone amplifier such as the HDV 820 or to the balanced output of a mobile digital audio player. Accordingly, it comes with a choice of cables for just about any occasion. All cables are made of highly conductive OFC copper, featuring very low handling noise and sturdy para-aramid reinforcement.

Designed for high-end comfort

Everything about the HD 660 S makes listening a pure pleasure – not least its strong yet lightweight open construction. The elliptical ear cups are shaped to follow the anatomy of the ear, while thick padding on the headband and the replaceable ear cushions guarantee hours and hours of listening in supreme comfort.

The look of sophistication

The pure and effortless sound of the HD 660 S is reflected in its new matte black and anthracite design. It is a high-end aesthetic that embraces both timeless elegance and contemporary style – uncompromising in its craftsmanship, like everything about the HD660S.


Wearing style Headband
Color matte black
Frequency response (Headphones) 9 – 41,500 Hz
Sound pressure level (SPL) 104 dB
THD, total harmonic distortion < 0,04%
Contact pressure 6.0 N ± 1 N
Ear coupling circumaural
Connector 6.35 mm / 4.4 mm Pentaconn
Cable length 3 m
Transducer principle Dynamic, open
Nominal impedance 150 Ω
Weight w/o cable 260 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
George Darling
Great Headphones,

I have quite a few Sennheiser in ear phone's but the ( Hd 660 S ) is the first over ear headphone iv'e bought for a long time and to put it as blunt as possible they are (BRILLIANT ).
George Darling.

Ein (fast) perfekter Kopfhörer 🎧

Die Klangqualität ist hervorragend, die Verarbeitung ist sehr gut, obwohl meines Erachtens doch viel Plastik verbaut ist. Nichts desto trotz sieht er schön aus und sitzt perfekt auf dem Kopf.
Der Klang ist selbst an meinem Smartphone (Sony Xperia 1 II) gut. Etwas kraftlos zwar, aber keinesfalls schlecht. Und hier gibt es auch etwas Kritik - ein kurzes Kabel mit 3,5mm Klinkenstecker wäre doch sinnvoller als ein HighEnd-Kabel für einen Verstärker den fast keiner besitzt!
Einen etwas unschönen Effekt habe ich bemerkt. Sieht meine Frau zur selben Zeit TV ist die wahrgenommene Lautstärke des TV-Gerätes mit aufgesetztem Kopfhörer lauter! als ohne. Das stört natürlich insbesondere wenn man leise hören möchte um die Frau nicht zu stören.
Ein wirklich hervorragender und preiswerter Kopfhörer 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

Amazing Headphone

Sound Signatur like the Focal Clear at a cheaper price point!

Lovely sound!

I expected a big drop-off in performance/price compared to HD598, but was pleasantly surprised that it makes such a big difference! :)

Matthew Fletcher

Simply put they sound amazing and are worth the cost. Couldn’t be happier!